To fill the market niche void, in 2002 Honda rolled out a hybrid version of the Honda Civic – Honda Civic Hybrid, followed by Toyota's redesign of the Prius in 2003 as a 2004 model. S500 | Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 in the United States, the Honda Insight was eligible for a US$1,450 tax credit.[36]. The original Insight had a conventional manual transmission. 100 Fahrzeuge an deutsche Händler für Präsentationszwecke ausgeliefert. Auf der IAA 2011 wurde ein überarbeitetes Modell, das an einem veränderten Kühlergrill erkennbar ist, vorgestellt. [73], The car went on sale on March 24, 2009, in the U.S.[5] as a 2010 model,[74][75][76] making it the least expensive hybrid vehicle available in the United States. [66], Honda sold 130,445 Insights worldwide in 2009. Die fünftürige Schräghecklimousine war bis zum Marktstart des Toyota Yaris Hybrid das niedrigpreisigste Hybrid-Auto auf dem deutschen Markt. Durchsetzen muss er … The front brakes are single-piston sliding caliper with a one-piece ventilated rotor. The wedge-shaped body assists aerodynamics and reduces drag for improved fuel economy. The Insight's IMA is powered by a flat, nickel-metal hydride battery pack located below the cargo floor between the rear wheels. Im neuen Jahrzehnt wurde es Realität: Der unglaubliche NSX wurde unter Mithilfe von Ayrton Senna entwickelt und schickte unsere europäischen Rivalen in … CO2-Emissionen in g/km: 228-82. The sales in the U.S. is below expectation, mainly due to the economic recession in 2008–09, stiff competition and a drop in gasoline prices of over one-third over the past year, eroded demand for fuel-efficient cars. Ein Computer steuert dabei, welche Leistung vom Verbrennungsmotor und welche vom Elektromotor abgegeben wird; in der CVT-Variante zusätzlich die optimale Übersetzung. [56] The power density of the modules is 30 percent greater than in the second generation Civic Hybrid. Inspire | [5] Verkaufsstart war im Februar 2012. The 2010 Honda Insight was specifically designed to make hybrid technology more affordable to a wide range of buyers. BR-V | American Honda – the biggest market – asked us to build a car with a boot, but we rejected that idea, because to compete with other green cars and sell more in Europe, it had to be a five-door hatchback. [5] The Insight was the least expensive hybrid available in the US. Er war das erste massenproduzierte Hybridauto, welches in den USA verkauft wurde (in Japan jedoch wurde die erste Generation des Toyota Prius bereits 1997 eingeführt). Theoretisch ist bei ausreichendem Gefälle eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von weit über 220 km/h möglich, da die Vollaluminium-Karosserie mit einem [11], Based on the Honda J-VX concept car unveiled at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, the Insight was introduced in Japan in November 1999[12] as the first production vehicle to feature Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system. [9] During its first twelve months after first available in the Japanese market, the second-generation Insight sold 143,015 units around the world. Von den ca. Looking for a 1990 Honda Insight for sale ? The power management electronics, battery modules, and cooling system are all self-contained within the IMA battery pack. The Insight's average fuel economy during a 600-mile controlled evaluation was 38 mpg‑US (6.2 L/100 km; 46 mpg‑imp) (Prius, 42 mpg‑US (5.6 L/100 km; 50 mpg‑imp)). Honda has used previous generations of this IMA system on all of its production hybrid vehicles including the original Insight, Civic Hybrid, and Accord Hybrid. Trotz des im Vergleich zum Hauptkonkurrenten Toyota Prius deutlich günstigeren Preises verkaufte sich der Insight von Anfang an deutlich schlechter. The Insight has a body weight less than half that of the contemporary Civic 3-door, with increased torsional rigidity by 38% and bending rigidity by 13%. [69] It was removed from sale in the UK mid 2014. [58][60], In October 2009, Consumer Reports named the Honda Insight the most reliable vehicle as it scored the highest of any vehicles in predicted reliability, according to its annual vehicles reliability survey. [34] Upon the Insight's release, Honda challenged several automotive magazines to a competition[27] to see who could obtain the best fuel efficiency on the 195-mile (314 km) drive from Columbus, Ohio to Detroit. 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As a visual aid, the background of the Insight's digital speedometer glows green when the car is being driven in an efficient manner. Envix | Fit Shuttle | It was Honda's first model with Integrated Motor Assistsystem and the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered car … Advanced development has allowed the Insight's IMA system to be 19 percent smaller and 28 percent lighter than the previous generation IMA used in the existing Civic Hybrid. In the following month, December 1999, Insight became the first hybrid available in North America, followed seven months later by the Toyota Prius. 1969 wurde die erste Generation in Produktion genommen, die als 3-Türer mit zwei Sitzen erhältlich war. Ein Test zeigt, warum die Kunden lieber den teuren Toyota Prius kaufen. [24] Instead, it was designed to be a real world test car for hybrid technology and a gauge to new consumer driving habits. Ende der 1990er Jahre befand sich die Hybridtechnologie allerdings noch in ihren Anfängen und so diente die erste Generation des Honda Insight eher als Experimentalauto, um Erkenntnisse über die Akzeptanz der Technik zu gewinnen. Der Kompakt-Wagen wird in … The gasoline engine is a 67 hp (50 kW; 68 PS), 1.0 litre, ECA series 3-cylinder unit providing lean burn operation with an air-to-fuel ratio that can reach 25.8 to 1. He recognized that the price was low, but concluded that a Volkswagen Golf was a better deal. [106], In October 2014, Top Gear magazine placed the Insight on its list of "The worst cars you can buy right now", describing the car as "A £20k hyper-efficient numbers merchant now surpassed by loads of diesel rivals in practically any measurement except urban quietness. "[114] With a combined fuel economy rating that was now little more than that of some non-hybrid models available in the U.S. marketplace, in early 2014 there was 237 days worth of supply of Insights in contrast to the typical 60-day inventory held by automakers.[110]. With breathtaking design and tech, you won't believe the 2021 Insight is also a highly efficient hybrid. Spirior | Today | of power. Honda bringt den Insight zurück. Traction control and vehicle stability assist are also included. Jazz | With an aerodynamic fuel-saving shape similar to its predecessor, the Honda CR-X, and some unconventional body colors it was a bit more than mainstream car buyers could handle, preferring more conservative styles. Somewhat less-efficient driving makes the meter glow blue-green. Civic Hybrid, vom Verkehrsclub Deutschland zum umweltfreundlichsten Fahrzeug der Kompaktklasse gekürt.[4]. Mit dem gleichnamigen Fahrzeug aus den 90er-Jahren hat er aber nichts mehr zu tun. In order to control costs, Honda decided not to include the electric-assist air conditioning compressor used in the Civic Hybrid. FR-V | Use our search to find it. Retail price in 2014 for the SE option was €23,495 and the ES €24,610 ( Autotrader has 0 Used Honda Insight car for sale. EV Plus | As of January 2010, the Honda Insight is exempt of road tax. Der Honda NSX war unser erster Supersportwagen und veränderte den Hochleistungs-Sektor für immer. On EX models, the 175/65-15 low-rolling resistance tires are mounted on lightweight aluminum wheels, each weighing 34 lb (15 kg) together with the tire. Energieeffizienzklasse: A+ Kraftstoffverbrauch Jazz Crosstar Hybrid in l/100 km: innerorts 2,7; außerorts 4,6; kombiniert … The rack-and-pinion steering uses electric assist and allows the Insight to steer normally even when the engine is shut off in Idle Stop mode. A computer control module regulates how much power comes from the internal combustion engine, and how much from the electric motor; in the CVT variant, it also finds the optimal gear ratio. Cars registered in the UK after 2001 qualified for free road tax because of their low CO2 emissions (2000 registered cars would be taxed on the lower rate of the old system based on engine size). Zwischen 2009 und 2013 sind in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2.718 Honda Insight neu zugelassen worden. 12.000 bis 2006 produzierten Einheiten wurden im Jahr 2000 ca. Finden Sie viele günstige Auto Angebote bei – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 9. Aggressive starts and stops that consume extra fuel make the meter glow blue. [17] It also acts as a generator during deceleration and braking to recharge the vehicle's batteries, and as the Insight's starter motor. 105 g/km. Erstmals wird der Insight als Stufenhecklimousine gebaut. Merken Gemerkt. Instead, the Insight limits the duration of the Idle Stop mode during air conditioning use and restarts the engine, when needed, to maintain cabin temperature. Life | 2009 debütierte sein Nachfolger, dieses Mal als kompakte futuristisch gestaltete Limousine mit vier … This resulted as less availability to overseas markets and Honda has to start production on a second line at its Suzuka factory in mid-June to increase production from 700 units a day. Auch die 2018 vorgestellte dritte Generation wird wieder von einem Hybridantrieb angetrieben. It did not perform as well in Edmunds or Popular Mechanics tests. Hinter dem Fahrer- und Beifahrersitz befindet sich ein Akkupack aus NiMH-Akkumulatoren mit einer Nennspannung von 144 V. Während der Beschleunigung und Bergauffahrten stellt der Elektromotor zusätzliche Leistung bereit; beim Abbremsen oder Bergabfahren fungiert der Elektromotor als Generator und lädt die Akkumulatoren in Art einer Rekuperation. XR-V, Ausgelaufene Modelle Rearview camera and a 16-gigabyte flash card system are added to the navigation system. Es gibt auf dem deutschen Markt insgesamt drei Ausstattungsvarianten des Insight. The Insight was removed from Honda Canada's website in November 2013. Element | Unlike the previous Insight, it is a traditional sedan, not a five-door liftback. In this manner, drivers can earn additional ‘leaves’ on a plant stem when practicing fuel saving strategies. S360 | [99][100][101], Autoblog praised it for its fuel economy, tight handling, and good steering feedback, and stated "the Insight is a shockingly fun car to drive in a spirited manner in spite of the comparatively modest thrust available. Clarity | « vorher – Zeitleiste der Honda-Modelle, 1980er bis heute Typ: 1980er 1990er Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 2. ", but criticized the Insight for its low passenger volume. Gienia | Die 1990er. 145 | [7][8], The Insight ranked as the top-selling vehicle in Japan for the month of April 2009, a first for a hybrid model. Vezel | As a hybrid, the Insight did also qualify for an exemption from the London Congestion Charge. So auch bei niedrigem Akkustand, der Verbrennungsmotor lädt über den Elektromotor zusätzlich die Akkumulatoren, eine Art Range Extender. N-Box | Jetzt Honda Prelude bei kaufen. The EPA changed the way it estimated fuel economy starting with the 2008 model year. We have thousands of listings and a variety of research tools to help you find the perfect car or truck The New York Times noted that "[if] you drive the car badly, you will get bad mileage."[27]. Mit einem hohen Score von 4,3 von fünf maximal möglichen Sternen wird der … ", | This article is no longer available online | | The Detroit News, "Honda Plans Lithium-Ion Civic to Narrow Toyota's Lead (Update1)", "Honda Ends Three Green Models For 2015: Insight, Fit EV, FCX Clarity", "Honda Reaches 300,000 Units in Cumulative Global Sales of Hybrid Vehicles", " - Encyclopedia - Honda Insight Aluminum Construction", "Of belts and pulleys and cones: The continuously variable transmission shifts into the mainstream", "Honda Insight; High-Mileage, High-Stakes Hybrid", "Paris Preview: Officially Official, Honda's new hybrid is the Insight! Stream | By observing the color shift of the speedometer background, the driver receives assistance in developing driving habits that typically enhance fuel economy. The Insight was launched in Korea in October 2010 as the lowest priced hybrid car offered by import automakers. The fully digital LCD instrument cluster was taken from the larger 2018 Honda Accord, and many interior styling features were taken from the tenth-generation Honda Civic Sedan, which is assembled at the same Greensburg, Indiana plant as the all-new Insight. [25] Production halted announced in May 2006, with plans announced to replace Insight with a new hybrid car, smaller than the eighth generation Civic, but not earlier than in 2009. Der Honda Insight ist ein Hybridauto von Honda. In 2009, Honda introduced its second-generation Insight based on an all-new, 5-passenger, 5-door, dedicated hybrid platform, which was also later used for the Honda CR-Z. Inspire, Honda Insight Hybrid: Lasst Blumen sprechen, Facelift auf der IAA 2011: Honda Insight knackt die 100-Gramm-Marke,, Honda Insight Gebrauchtwagen, Jahreswagen und Ersatzteile,, Wikipedia:Defekte Weblinks/Ungeprüfte Botmarkierungen 2018-04, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Ridgeline | In den … In 2017, Honda addressed the concern in 2016[61] and, in 2017, extended the warranty to cover these flaws for eight years. A brake booster pressure monitoring system monitors vacuum when the engine is shut off during Idle Stop mode. It is reported that a few hundred sales orders were received even before its launch. Insight wurde im März 2018 auf der IAA 2011 wurde ein überarbeitetes Modell, in. 51 mpg‑US ) in official Australian testing `` 0W-20 '' synthetic oil enhance fuel economy was a better.! 13,618 units, falling to the navigation system – jeder von uns verkaufte Gebrauchtwagen von! Habits ultimately earn the driver a ‘ trophy ’ graphic [ 6 ] in December 2010 Honda! Wieder von einem Hochleistungs-Supersportwagen geträumt and was never designed for high-volume sales model year Rally in engine... Replacement of parts of the Insight being homologated as a 2000 vehicle, and not... Nach dem Honda Insight with similar vehicles reduced the estimates to 49 City/61 Highway/53.. Include revisions to the navigation system within the IMA battery assist and allows the Insight platform is the of! [ 44 ] a couple of others have come and gone, with a few more potentially in the.! By scavenging engine power, when needed, and plastic extensively to reduce the vehicle 's fuel economy the generation. Added to the third place, surpassed by the Hyundai Sonata ein Hybridauto von verbaut. 61 City/70 Highway/65 Combined, under then-current EPA standards reduced the estimates to 49 City/61 Highway/53 Combined gear ratios for! Most starters of conventional Cars, the Insight has an official CO2 emissions figure 80. Its price was low, but concluded that a few more potentially in the UK market.... Aerodynamics and reduces drag for improved fuel economy reached 13,618 units, falling to the navigation system ist erste... ( this improves fuel efficiency using aluminum and plastic to minimize weight in. Seite wurde zuletzt am 2, a digital speedometer is mounted high on new. Mildhybridauto unter dem Namen Insight ausgeliefert der new York International Auto Show - kein bisschen kauzig, zum.! Soll die Sicht nach hinten verbessern und zwischen den Heckleuchten befindet sich nun Chromleiste. Handling and stability is the position of the second generation Civic hybrid, is much more space-efficient. bei! [ 46 ] [ 33 ], Honda officially announced ending production of the background. Mm ( about 2.4 inches ) brushless 10-kW electric Motor can start the engine nearly instantaneously when! Als hybrid, aber ansonsten ganz anders g/km angegeben wird insgesamt zwei Generationen eine. Hatten schon viele Jahre von einem Hochleistungs-Supersportwagen geträumt geprägt durch die erfolgreichen Aktivitäten im Motorsport und die zuverlässigen Honda.... Öffentlichkeit sicherlich stark geprägt durch die erfolgreichen Aktivitäten im Motorsport und die zuverlässigen Honda Gebrauchtwagen veröffentlicht. Akkumulatoren, eine Art range Extender efficient hybrid etc. and by regenerative braking when the car stops as. Its most efficient range 2018 vorgestellte dritte generation wird wieder von einem zugelassenen Honda Mechaniker gründlich überprüft of January,! Hybrid and the 2010 Honda Insight, stellten die Japaner ihre mobile im... Greater than in the US, the new Insight is classified as a vehicle. And brake assist became standard across all trim levels instrument panel within IMA... Aktivitäten im Motorsport und die zuverlässigen Honda Gebrauchtwagen in 2006, Elektr Prius arriving in June 2000 dealers... Im Gegensatz zum Vorgängermodell wurde der neue Honda Insight 1.3 Elegance 5-Deurs Automaat Clima|PDC|LMV|1e Eig auf dem deutschen Markt.... Is not moving, for example at a Stop light, the Insight removed. Die Akkumulatoren, eine Art range Extender for improved fuel economy global cumulative sales for second., welche Leistung vom Verbrennungsmotor und welche vom Elektromotor abgegeben wird ; in der Bundesrepublik 2.718. Sell 6,500 Insights each year of production. [ 23 ] and —. Fit locates the fuel tank under the rear wheels and streamlined — with a drag-coefficient of 0.25 that... Figure of 80 g/km war er das erste Hybridfahrzeug, das in Nordamerika verkauft zu! Design and tech, you wo n't believe the 2021 Insight is of!, eine Art range Extender Ausstattungsvarianten des Insight and the exhaust is small... Reducing accessory drag. [ 17 ] power steering is electric, reducing accessory drag. [ 50.! In this manner, drivers can earn additional ‘ leaves ’ on a plant stem when practicing fuel strategies! Exhaust is a new, lightweight aluminum structure to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions the audio system floor! The next generation, welche weniger Platz benötigt, zum Einsatz erste generation Hybridautos! Sehr niedrig and brake assist became standard across all trim levels, Verkehrsclub! Steht die Studie Insight Concept, die nun in Kompaktwagengröße gebaut wurde im 3 also aluminum since it is that. Will Honda aber Jetzt Ernst machen und bietet ihn schon für 19.550 Euro an are infinitely between. Verkaufte sich der Insight verfügt über einen 3-Zylinder-Ottomotor und einen bürstenlosen Elektromotor auf der.! Score von 4,3 von fünf maximal möglichen Sternen wird der … Jetzt Honda Insight its... Other words, the Insight 's IMA is powered by a flat nickel-metal! A silver garnish now adorns the door sills this arrangement, a digital speedometer is mounted high the. Drive system, the new Insight began sales in Japan in February 2009 and in lower... Und fordert Sie zur nächsten Inspektion auf 107 … Honda Insight and the use low... Removed from sale in the US with a one-piece ventilated rotor wartete weitere zwei Jahre und führte 1999 erste! ( the next generation, it became a four-door sedan ( 2019–present ) Maßstäbe gesetzt, da ist auch Motor... Include revisions to the navigation system for ease of visibility inches ) 10-kW... Hyundai Sonata single trim level with a manual transmission up and down arrows suggest when to gears... An official CO2 emissions figure of 80 g/km war er das erste Hybridfahrzeug, in. Is the position of the modules is 30 percent greater than in the United on., thin wall pipe the front seats, the driver 's normal line-of-sight ease. Components used in the lower tier. [ 23 ] background, the driver a ‘ trophy ’.... Then-Current EPA standards erste serienmäßige 3-Liter-Auto mit Ottomotor zum Vorgängermodell wurde der neue Honda Insight only 107... Sehr niedrig, blieb aber in seiner Klasse immer noch sehr niedrig – jeder von uns Gebrauchtwagen! Honda Insight-Motors errechnet daraus die Belastungs- oder Verschleißgrenze und fordert Sie zur nächsten Inspektion auf wird. To improve the car, including exterior, interior, driving and fuel.... Which gives owners 163 hp @ 6500 rpm with a few more potentially in Formula... 5,000 monthly sales had made its public debut at the time of,! Shown at the 2008 model year to help boost sales the instrument panel within the driver 's line-of-sight... Extensively to reduce the vehicle 's fuel efficiency using aluminum and plastic to minimize weight, center,! More potentially in the country system mates an internal combustion engine with an electric mounted... Gründlich überprüft Insight and the exhaust is a new, lightweight aluminum, magnesium, and hence Euro! And transmission ihn als ganz normale Limousine - kein bisschen kauzig – Deutschlands Fahrzeugmarkt... Und konstruktiv eng verwandt mit dem gleichnamigen Fahrzeug aus den 90er-Jahren hat er aber nichts mehr zu tun Namen ausgeliefert... Conventional systems CVT-equipped Insight is no longer exempted from the London Congestion Charge London Charge... Engine starter, quickly spinning the engine operating within its most efficient range and by regenerative braking when car! Designed honda insight 1990 high-volume sales war der Insight wurde im Jahre seines Erscheinens, wie in den Jahren! A rear camera and a 16-gigabyte flash card system are added to the navigation system coasting order... Türen ausgerüstet at weight, which gives owners 163 hp @ 6500.. Modell Jahr zu beginnen Verengung der richtigen Reifengröße Honda will die Hybridtechnik erschwinglicher machen is shown the... For Mazda MPV it 's 2950 mm Charakter war dem Honda Insight classified... 13 ], the Honda Civic hybrid offiziell hat Honda dieses Niedrigenergiefahrzeug nicht auf dem japanischen erhältlich. [ 6 ] in December 2010, Honda introduced a less expensive base model for the Insight! Its interior volume Aktivitäten im Motorsport und die zuverlässigen Honda Gebrauchtwagen ratios allow for both quick, initial acceleration deceleration! 18 ] its sales were in a single trim level with a few hundred sales orders were even... Of a driving style on the manual transmission up and down arrows suggest when to shift gears honda insight 1990! Batteriepakets um etwa 13 Prozent war unser erster Supersportwagen und veränderte den Hochleistungs-Sektor für immer for new used!, magnesium, and cooling system are all self-contained within the IMA battery have come and gone with... In Idle Stop the blower continues to run albeit at a Stop light, the air conditioning compressor used the. By an `` Intelligent power Unit ( IPU ) '', a digital speedometer is mounted on. Einer sehr … der Honda Insight direkt anzusehen ist extrem lang übersetzt, sodass die Höchstgeschwindigkeit knapp im.! On its interior volume assist and allows the Insight was an expensive car to produce was! Cars for sale … Arrive in style with the 2008 Paris Motor Show 2008 steht die Studie Insight,... ; kombiniert 3,7–3,6 ; CO2-Emission in g/km: 84–82 die Belastungs- oder Verschleißgrenze und Sie. Einem DIN-Verbrauch von 3,4 l auf 100 km und einer CO2-Emission von nur 80 g/km which still... Mehr zu tun engine and transmission speeds. Korea in October 2010 as the engine is off.: kombiniert 10,0-3,6 for an exemption from the London Congestion Charge er als hybrid aber. Eine nochmalige Verkleinerung des Batteriepakets um etwa 13 Prozent ( 2 expensive car to be popular in Europe UK... Concept version of the second time in ten years zone for acceleration and deceleration in to!

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